Day Habilitation

EBED is committed to a firm belief in the capacity of all individuals to discover and give full expression of their abilities each in their unique way, to provide a forum for growth and learning which will provide a life of quality and substance for the people receiving our services

There is no “program” to fit into. The services are developed around the person’s interests, choices, goals, and prioritized needs. A person-centered approach is a key concept to our Day Habilitation Services. There will be programs and experiences that will occur off-site in the community and some on-site in a program-room setting.

Day Habilitation supports developing and maintaining daily living activities, vocation, and socialization through formal teaching and participation in meaningful activities. Day Habilitation service is a full-day program, and people may choose which day's activities best suit their interests and outcomes of choice. 

We also provide support to people with severe and continue maladaptive behaviors.  Maladaptive behaviors are managed by providing the least restrictive intervention and normalization with a behavior plan.  Maladaptive behaviors include behaviors that disrupt the normal flow of activities and are harmful to others and property.

Our Transportation Service

We provide transportation service with the opportunity for maximum participation in the community, including shopping, restaurants, and various outings of choice with staff supervision.  We provide, if necessary, transportation services to and from day programs and any other outside appointments.