Community-Living Group Home

Each home provides people with opportunities to develop daily living and socialization activities, including socially acceptable behavior. 

Community-Living Group Homes offer people the opportunity to fully develop the skills necessary to maximize their independence in daily living activities and participate in community life. It provides people with opportunities to develop skills related to activities of daily living and socialization, including socially acceptable behavior, effective communication, self-direction, and problem-solving, engaging in safety practices, performing household chores safely and efficiently, performing self-care, and learning skills for employment. 

Each person is given the skills of self-help, daily living, self-advocacy, and survival based on needs, ability, and whether the skills are likely to improve the individual’s quality of life.

EBED also offers transportation to and from activities, appointments, family visits, and other outings. Transportation supports the most integrated and most appropriate means of transportation for the individual, with the priority given to the use of public transit or natural support.

EBED’s goal is to help people learn the skills necessary to be as independent as possible in their care and community life.