Community Development Services

Promoting development and maintenance of skills related to community members
through engagement in community-based activities. 

People will have an opportunity to engage in activities that facilitate and promote integration and inclusion.   People can identify a path to employment, travel training, participate in self-advocacy classes and activities of choice.  People are also allowed to participate in local community events and volunteer.

People will have individualized weekly schedules that include a unique combination of job preparedness, habilitation, recreational, social networking, and educational opportunities. Each person's weekly schedule is based on their life desires. These services are delivered in small groups of no more than four People.  People will have an opportunity to engage in the following activities: activities that facilitate and promote integration and inclusion of a person in their chosen community; identifying a path to employment for working-age individuals; travel training; participating in self-advocacy classes and activities; participating in local community events; and volunteering.

Persons interested may include those who are retired, employed in the community less than four hours per day, or persons who would like to explore various activities that they prefer not to participate in the day program setting.

People will receive support services that enable them to learn, develop, and maintain skills related to community integration, volunteer with an organization, or participate in a paid or unpaid internship. Specific supports will assist people in developing the skills and supports necessary to developing community connections, promoting growth, special assistance, and education.

The Community Development Goal

The goal of Community Development Services is for persons to be fully integrated into the community. Transportation to, from, and within activities are provided along with personal care such as assisting the person in performing activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living.