Career Exploration Services

Career Exploration is a time-limited service to help people
learn skills to work toward competitive integrated employment. 

Career Exploration provides people with opportunities to develop skills related to working in a competitive employment position in an integrated community environment, including learning: 

  1. Skills for employment, such as time-management and strategies for completing work tasks;
  2. Socially acceptable behavior in a work environment;
  3. Effective communication in a work environment;
  4. Self-direction and problem-solving for a work task; 

Career Exploration includes (1) Facility-Based Supports at a fixed site, (2) Small Group Supports between two (2) and eight (8) people, and (3) Large Group Supports between nine(9) and sixteen (16) people.

Career Exploration services include:
  1. Staff support services that enable the participant to learn skills to work toward competitive integrated employment;
  2. Transportation to, from, and within the activity;
  3. Nursing services; and
  4. Personal care assistance can be provided during activities so long as it is not the primary or only service provided. Personal care assistance is defined as services to assist the participant in performing activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living.

Career Exploration includes (1) Facility-Based Supports; (2) Small Group Supports composed of two (2) to eight (8) people, and (3) Large Group Supports composed of nine (9) or greater.